giving hope + a voice

to those who know the many faces of depression & other mental health issues

Wednesday, October 4th is the 4th Annual SOUTH CAROLINA MENTAL HEALTH AWARENESS DAY. Join Us! Fight stigma, fight suicide & raise awareness. Together we Pres+On. #SCMHAD #TeamPreson #GoGreen

SCMHAD Logo:Profile Picture 2017

Our Mission is to raise awareness and advocate for those who know the many faces of depression and other mental health issues.
Our Message is one of hope & light to those who know depression AND to the ones standing with them. Never give in or up. Choose Life.
The Pres+On Foundation serves as a much needed voice and resource for all in this highly individualized battlefield. You’re not alone.
We don’t stigmatize cancer. Or diabetes. Or heart disease. Or the flu. Health = mind + body. There is no health without mental health.